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BOM @ 140418 Incheon Airport (Off to China)


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I’ve MISSED YOUUUUUU!!!! <3 <3 <3




This past weekend we went on another adventure that further supports our theory that if you dress for adventure you will find it! (plus go to the desert where there’s 8 parties going on any day)  If you follow us on instagram (hello? where have YOU been?) then you know we made the trek to Palm Springs this weekend to join many others in search of good company and great music.

We’ll be frank Day 1 and Day 3 were… poorly recorded as we were too busy having fun with our newly made friends but we managed to get our act together on Day 2.  The real lesson here being: work hard, play harder.  Don’t forget to live life because you’re too busy recording it’s existence on social media.

And thank you to our many new friends who fed us, entertained us, liquored us, and most importantly glitterbombed us!  Somewhere out there are photos of us being showered/christened with blue glitter floating around… let us know if you find them =)


1. Emporio Armani pinstriped blazer (his)  /  Made by Dawn triangle bikini top  /  Topshop palm print shorts  /  Wanderlust + Co necklace and rings  /  Gorjana rings  /  Michael Kors watch  /  Vintage western embossed leather clutch (worn throughout)

2. LFV by La Fee Verte neon abstract print chemise  /  Asos fedora


1. Forever 21 floral s/s button up  /  Topman shorts  /  American Apparel pink belt  /  Prokeds hightops  /  Fjallraven Kanken  maroon Backpack

2. Aldo hat  /  H&M polo  /  Club Monaco Swim Trunks  /  Raybans



George Glass

Sure, Jan. *eyeroll* ROFL SO HARD