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Naoko Takeuchi is an avid fan of fashion, the following are a few inspirations fukufashion has discovered.

Setsuna - Chanel 1992

Hotaru - Thierry Mugler Fashion Week 1992 

Calaveras - Christian LaCroix Fashion Week 1992 and 1993

Koan - Christian LaCroix Fashion Week 1992

Black Lady - Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfume

Serenity - Christian Dior 1992

Naoko, my queen

I always knew why I loved Sailor Moon. The characters just went hand-in-hand with haute couture!

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The NYPD tried to start a hashtag outpouring of positive memories with their police force. 

If this were ever a bad idea, it was probably the worst idea for arguably the most corrupt police force in America. 

via Vice:

What the person running the Twitter account probably failed to realize is that most people’s interactions with the cops fall into a few categories:

1. You are talking to them to get help after you or someone you knew was robbed, beaten, murdered, or sexually assaulted.

2. You are getting arrested. 

3. You are getting beaten by the police.

In category 1, you are probably not going to be like, “Oh, let me take a selfie with you fine officers so I can remember this moment,” and the other two categories are not things that the NYPD would like people on social media talking about. Additionally, the people who use Twitter a lot (and who aren’t Sonic the Hedgehog roleplayers) are the type who love fucking with authority figures. In any case, #myNYPD quickly became a trending topic in the United States, largely because people were tweeting and retweeting horrific images of police brutality perpetrated by New York City cops.

In which the NYPD’s attempt at “public relations” backfires tremendously.

this had me dying of laughter



Ugh I dated a cop

Love me, love me, please reblog
and follow her on IG, she’s new. ;)

Love me, love me, please reblog

and follow her on IG, she’s new. ;)





So nasty and so rude.

NOBODY talks over Nene. Although she seems she has let her sass get the best of her, she will always remain my fave!

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If your status ain’t hood / I ain’t checkin’ for him / Better be street if he lookin’ at me

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  • white people: I wish I lived in the forties! Everything was so much COOLER back then, you know?
  • Japanese people: nope
  • Thai people: nope
  • Black people: nope
  • Latin people: nope
  • Cuban people: nope
  • Native people: nope
  • Korean people: nope
  • Desi people: nope
  • Arab people: nope
  • Queer people: nope
  • Vietnamese people: nope
  • Chinese people: nope
  • Physically/Mentally/Neurologically disabled people: nope
  • Jewish people: nope
  • Romani people: nope